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Our Story

What makes us get up and come to work every day?

Bees. We're a little bit crazy about them, and they've been the core of our company since day one. These remarkable insects provide the inspiration for everything we do.

At Planet Bee, you will find only pure, authentic bee products which serve to showcase the industrious honey bee and all she has to offer.

We believe that while honey bees have been harnessing the healing powers of the natural environment for centuries, it's time we did too!

Did you know?

1 in 3 spoonfuls of food on your plate is there solely because a honey bee visited a flower! 

How we came to bee...

Founder of Planet Bee, Ed Nowek, began working with honey bees in the early 1970's, and it didn't take him more than a few months to develop a passion for bees which would stay with him his entire life.

Early in his career as a beekeeper, Ed noted how much humans could learn from honey bees, whether it was their commitment to teamwork and community, their amazing natural healing compounds, or the shocking variety of honeys most people didn't know existed!

Today we continue to follow Ed's mission, spreading a passion for honey bees while formulating the highest quality bee products to heal and nourish your family.  Where health and honey meet, that's where you'll find us!

 Family owned and operated for over 23 years!

 With over 20 years in business, we continue to trust Ed's expertise and wisdom in selecting every product we offer.   


Our beloved honey bees rely on a healthy, functioning ecosystem to thrive, and we know that human economic activities can negatively impact this system.  Our sustainability mission is to enhance the quality of life for humans and bees through the symbiotic relationship we share - creating healthy environments, healthy consumption and a sustainable path forward.

In keeping with our sustainability goals, we have committed to several certification programs which hold us accountable, as well as committing in 2020 to offsetting all shipping emissions from online sales.  In August 2020 we achieved Sustainable Tourism Silver Certification and continue to be committed to the Biosphere Adhesion Program.