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Honey, Cheese & Mead Pairing Virtual Seminar
Honey, Cheese & Mead Pairing Virtual Seminar
Honey, Cheese & Mead Pairing Virtual Seminar

Honey, Cheese & Mead Pairing Virtual Seminar

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Our locally-inspired experience box is coming, just in time for Valentine's Day!

Grab your Honey and join us (virtually) from the comforts of home as we take you through a guided tasting of 6 expertly curated Cheese, Honey and Mead pairings.

Virtual Event: Saturday February 13th 2021 @ 6:30pm PST w/ at-home tasting experience box.

Save $30 when you order before January 29th, 2021!

Each Experience Box / Ticket Includes:
-4 Raw Planet Bee Honeys
-4 Honeymoon Mead Wines 
-6 Artisan Canadian Cheeses (hand-picked by your host - Canada's Cheese Ambassador, David Beaudoin!)
-Locally-produced accompaniments (ex. ginger, mustard, and chips)
-Tasting Overview & Pairing Menu
-Access to the Virtual Guided Tasting Seminar on Feb. 13th @ 6:30pm!

Experience Boxes available for local pickup in Vernon & Lake Country, or shipping B.C wide for an additional $25 flat rate shipping* 

To send as a gift, simply enter your recipients shipping address at checkout.

(Each Box Serves 2-4 people)


David Beaudoin, aka Canada's 'Cheese Poet', will share six amazing pairings which bring to life local B.C Cheese with premium Honeys and hand-crafted Mead.  Showcasing small family-owned producers from across the valley and province, you'll be captivated by David's enthusiasm and love for all things cheese!


Planet Bee's very own Olivia Nowek is our resident Mead expert and passionate honey lover.  Olivia will share with you the stories of each honey in the pairing, from the hive's location to what the bees foraged on.  She will also explain the fascinating history of Mead and the basics for how each was made.